5 Ways to Boost Margins

Actionable tactics to increase your dealership’s profitability.



Why Read This Book

Dealer profitability is being challenged. Now is the time to introduce new tools to your toolbox that can help combat margin compression.

Hire for the future, and build your company culture

Turnover is expensive. With a few tweaks to your process, you’ll be on your way to hiring your dream team and providing employees with a positive and fulfilling work environment.

Put the customer at the center of everything you do

Differentiating your store among all the noise online helps build long-lasting loyalty and can improve the customer’s experience with your business.

Use marketing to build personalized experiences

Now that you have a consumer-centric mindset, the next step is to get the word out. Make sure your brand is there at every step of the car buying journey.

Overcome the stigma of car shopping with transparency

Let’s face it: buying a car can be a drag. Enable your sales and service teams to take advantage of the tools available to build trust and credibility.

Create an ecosystem of F&I awareness

No one wants to be sold to. It’s our job to provide clear solutions that meet customers’ needs. Learn how to get it right here.

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