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Why JM&A?

Equipping your business with the resources needed for long-term wealth doesn’t need to be complicated or confusing. Having a reinsurance and claims process that works for you and your customers is one of the most powerful assets available to maintain profitability over time. Not all reinsurance programs are made the same. At the end of the day, reinsurance should be transparent, honest, and profitable. Period.

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Dealers can't afford to plateau financially. We can help.

We are constantly measuring the pricing, risks, opportunities, and loss ratios down to specific models and trim levels. That means you gain visibility into your performance and opportunities to adjust for future profitability. 



A claims process backed by experts to increase your CSI.

Our claims process is built with one goal: to equip our dealers with a fast, simple, and customer-centric process that saves them time and money. We are located in the U.S.A. and staffed by ASE and Master Certified Experts with experience working at dealerships like yours.



Data & technology that paints the financial picture for you.

We know how important it is for you to have constant visibility into your finances. That's why we leverage data with algorithms to help you run a reinsurance program to its maximum efficiency. And our top-tier reporting allows you to make key decisions about your finances and move the chess pieces as you see fit.

Product Penetration

With average dealer product penetration up 163% in 2020 and the average increase in PVR up $362, the numbers just make sense when you partner with JM&A.

Leverage a formula that's helped thousands of dealers outperform.

Growth & Performance Management

Does your current reinsurance plan offer performance management?

If not, you could be missing out on increasing service contract penetration alone by 16% or $150,000 a year per rooftop towards your investments.


Underwriting Profit

With our transparent fee structure, advanced claims administration, and reserves discipline you'll gain additional per-contract underwriting profit better than any other F&I company out there. 


How we do it differently​

Your reinsurance and claims processes should work together to accelerate your growth. So we prioritize in-store training, advanced claims adjudication and reserves discipline for rock-solid superior underwriting. The best part is you will never pay extra. It’s part of our full-service program to help you succeed. 

Expert Claims Handling and Adjudication Process

  • 88% ASE and 48% Master Certified
  • 92.6% Approval Rate
  • 80% of calls answered in 20 seconds
  • Average completion time: 6 minutes
  • Average calls per claim: 1.8
  • 13 million contracts in force

Leveraging Technology and

  • Interactive Experience Reports powered by Tableau​
  • Virtual Inspection Process powered by Inspect Now​
  • Gain capabilities to analyze customer & manufacturer retention, prepaid maintenance, and individual claims analysis

Model and Trim Level Specific Actuarials

JM&A Groups actuarial specialists constantly monitor losses and make adjustments, when appropriate, to reserves in order to maximize dealer portfolios and keep profitability growing.


Monitoring Your
Book of Business​

  • Evaluate operating performance
  • Discover new investment opportunities
  • Avoid losses big or small
  • Establish financial security
  • Identify gaps and opportunities to save money

Pricing Strategy and
Performance Management​

A proven solution to increase attachment rates and outperform year over year. Use a formula that's helped thousands of dealers maximize underwriting profit and their investment strategy. 

Get a pricing strategy that is made for you.

Low Fees and Pricing

JM&A gives transparency to the reinsurance program with only a single administrative fee. 

  • No ceding fees​
  • No claim handling fees​
  • Proratable after cancellation
  • Long term savings benefit
  • Reserve adjustments as appropriate
  • Track every dollar from sale to statement

Drive your business growth by preparing for the future, today.

What are you waiting for?

Partnering with JM&A Group gets you unmatched support from real people who have a vested interest in your growth.

And we want to prove it. Request your free, no-obligation reinsurance proposal today and we will be in touch ASAP.

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JM&A has been an instrumental part of our growth and success for the past 30+ years. Their product offerings are exceptional and field support and training best in market.

Dewey Thomas Holderfield
General Manager, Southern Pines Chevrolet Buick Pontiac
JM&A is an organization of highly trained individuals along with a vast range of practical experience. Their problem solving and analytical skills provide a tremendous service to their clients.

Ronald Parks
Dealer/President, Stadium Toyota
JM&A is instrumental in the success of my dealership. We receive outstanding motivation and training from my field rep. The most rewarding reason is the increase in finance income.

William J Wolf
General Manager, Headquarter Hyundai

Let's do it better, together.