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5 Ways to Boost Margins

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Offset Margin Compression

A number of factors can impact your profitability, but there are solutions. Learn how to fight back, and win, using the strategies within this e-book.

The auto retail industry has been grappling with a variety of operational challenges that have noticeably impacted its profitability. New technologies and online resources have been quite disruptive to traditional sales models, forcing many dealerships to rethink how they manage their staff, attract customers and promote their F&I products.

Luckily, there are a wide range of solutions and initiatives you can apply in your dealership that will positively impact the margin compression you may be facing. 

Here are the topics covered inside:

  • Employee Turnover
  • The Informed Customer
  • Lack of Visibility in a Highly Saturated Market
  • Overcoming the Stigma of Vehicle Shopping


Employee Turnover

Having a revolving door at your dealership presents a huge liability for your bottom line. Even a small rise in turnover can lead to significant losses, with a 10% increase costing the average dealership $7,500 in gross profit per employee per year.

Hiring right and creating a strong company culture are effective ways of solving this problem. We dive into this and explore the many options available to reduce employee turnover.


The Informed Customer

Modern consumers have access to a wide range of digital resources that allow them to make more informed vehicle purchases, from online quoting tools to comparative shopping websites. These resources give customers the ability to research different makes, models and features and analyze vehicle performance. Prioritizing responsive customer service and employee training are just a few of the ways you can meet an informed customer and create a great experience for them.


Overcoming the Stigma of Vehicle Shopping

56% of shoppers said they would buy more often if the dealership process was easier, which could represent a potential 24% increase in sales volume. Identifying the points of friction within your process and improving them as best you can will help ease tensions and confusion associated with the buying process.


Overcome Margin Compression.

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