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Messaging During a Pandemic

As the pandemic progresses, your messaging and voice can have a direct impact on how customers engage with you and your team.

  • Customer Messaging
  • Dealer Communications 
  • Digital Communications 
  • Additional Tips & Tricks


Customer Messaging

Solid communication and answering questions should be a high priority. Speaking on subjects like community, safety precautions, daily operations, service and offers should all be included in your messaging. Put the hard sell you would usually have in your messaging on a brief hold to engage with people on an empathetic level.


Dealer Communications

Website, email, social media and dealership communications should reflect a sense of togetherness and safety. Ensure consistency on all of your communications channels and you can experience a more successful engagement rate, as well as clear messages customers and dealership team members will appreciate.


Digital Communications

Update your online sources to ensure customers have the correct information on your current business operations. Things to consider: Google My Business, hours of operation and updates on social media. Think of what information people will be looking for when researching your dealership.


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