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EP20 - Exploring F&I Trends: What Happened and What to Expect

Joining us on The Walk Around is one of our very own, Elliot Schor, AVP of Sales Operations with JM&A Group. Elliot’s role within the company gives him the opportunity to help dealers, groups, and OEMs grow their profitability while retaining customers. He is a trusted advisor and strategic partner to dealers of many different sizes, and works with them to reach the goals they set out to achieve.

Elliot recalls how the last year went through the lens of his dealer partners. From both an industry and personal perspective, dealers were unsure of how the future would shape up, but through it all, F&I shined and a huge focus on digital was solidified. Dealers were able to compensate for the reduction in volume with increases in gross. There is no doubt that consumers' need for automotive retail and support continues.

From the rise of digital retail to meeting customers' demands, Elliot dives into the top things for dealers to keep an eye on as we lean into 2021.

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