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Growth Mindset Tips

Kevin Hull, Manager of Dealer Talent Services, breaks down how to sustain a positive and powerful growth mindset during challenging times. By viewing challenges as opportunities and keeping an innovative approach as a focus, you can overcome anything in your way.

Tip #1 - View challenges as opportunities

There is no doubt that recently we have faced unprecedented challenges. We have also faced never before seen opportunities. While it's easy to get tied up on the negative, there are also many positives that we can remind ourselves of and try to keep focused on. Consciously make a shift in your mindset and try to think of things like innovation, growth, and how you can help drive performance at your dealership. Focus on what you can control.


Tip #2 - Fail and learn from your mistakes

We have a saying at JM&A: fail fast and learn from it. The truth is, you are going to fail at some point. The key is to learn from it as quickly as possible. There is no doubt the uncertainty and unforeseen events that have taken place this year have made things difficult. Strategies and ideas that would have worked previously may not work now. This is an opportunity to regroup, adjust, and make your gameplan work for you. Learn from the past and you will be prepared for the future. Failing is inevitable and it’s ok that it happens as long as you learn from it and have a positive mindset.

Schedule 15 minutes at the end of the day and ask your team what you should stop, what you should start, and what you should continue.



It’s important to stay positive and stay motivated. Switch your mindset, shift your focus to the future, and continue to communicate with your team. 

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