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EP15 - Implementing Culture Change in Your Dealership

Chris May is the Director of the Performance Development Center (PDC), a professional services department of JM&A Group that helps dealers drive results. He is an automotive futurist with his eyes set on helping dealers “future proof” their business.

With the industry getting more complex each year, dealerships need partners that have their best interests in mind. Chris and his team at the PDC help thousands of dealers every year achieve their goals through training, consulting, talent, technology, strategy, sales, service, and F&I offerings and solutions.  

In this episode you will get insights into: 

  • New perspectives on implementing culture change  
  • Breaking large goals into smaller tangible steps 
  • Defining your plan to grow your dealership 
  • Accelerating desired outcomes

If you are interested in learning more about the Performance Development Center and how they can help you grow, drop us a line here.   

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