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EP02 - What is Virtual F&I?

Virtual F&I allows you to be as flexible as possible with your F&I process. A trained dealership associate presenting F&I products is key to the success of your F&I department.

EP01 - Why is Virtual F&I Such a Hot Topic?  |  EP02 - What is Virtual F&I?
EP03 - How Does Virtual F&I Work?  |  EP04 - Mock Virtual F&I Delivery


Here are some examples of when a Virtual F&I transaction can take place:

Example 1: F&I manager is in one dealership location and the customer is in another, in the instance of a dealer group.

Example 2: The customer is at home and the finance manager is at the dealership.

Example 3: The customer is at home and the finance manager is also at home.

75% of purchase intent customers prefer to take complete documentation and delivery outside of the dealership. This process allows you to meet the customer where they are. 

How Does Virtual F&I Work? With Mark Geletka

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Episode 03 - How Does Virtual F&I Work?

The most important aspect of Virtual F&I to consider is the technology component needed for it to work. Luckily, with many people still at home, there is less of a learning curve as more people are familiar with these tools. Learn what tools you can use to create an interactive and accommodating Virtual F&I process for your customer.

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