Lending a Hand with Optimism

Dear Friends,

We’ve been through a lot together. As we collectively continue the climb to recovery, remember that we have overcome what seemed insurmountable before. And each time we do, we get stronger, better, and more driven by our purpose and our passion.


Our industry is agile and resilient. Each of you is setting the tone for what is possible, and it’s clear our capabilities are limitless. As the world changes, you are growing and evolving, thinking not of yourselves, but of your customers. The compassion and empathy you demonstrate is remarkable and inspiring.


You are taking every conceivable measure to safeguard your teams, your customers and their families. Through new services like contactless delivery and virtual deals, you are protecting your customers, earning their trust and meeting their needs in new ways. For that and so much more, I applaud and thank you.


At JM&A Group, we view every challenge as an opportunity to do it better and strengthen our commitment to support our automotive family. Whether you do business with us or not, we believe in doing our part to lift you up and provide you with the tools and resources to keep you operating at top performance. During COVID-19 shutdowns, we helped sharpen your team’s skills by offering free online training and shared our proven playbook to enable Virtual F&I in a digital capacity.


We’re here, as we have been for more than 40 years, to help you be prepared for what’s next. We are looking to tomorrow and beyond to help you adapt as our industry continues to evolve, whether that’s unlocking new profit centers, building capabilities, creating efficiencies or optimizing your digital offerings.


Thank you for all you are doing to support your communities and each other. Together, with energy and enthusiasm, we can make the most of our extremely bright future.


Thank you and Be Well,

Forrest Heathcott first-last

Forrest Heathcott
President, JM&A Group