Building vs. Buying Talent

Turnover happens. But how do you determine whether to promote from within or hire an external candidate? We’ve got the data to help.

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Your Talent is a Direct Representation of Your Brand

So, when an important part of your roster leaves, properly filling their position can be a crucial factor in your future dealership success. Inside this ebook, we’ll discuss the difficult decision of building vs. buying talent, provide guidance on navigating these fragile environments, and explain everything you can expect with each decision

Key Takeaways

Filling a key position on your team is always a big decision. Workplace culture, team dynamics, employee loyalty and yes, employee turnover, can all have a strong impact on dealership performance, and slight changes can yield dramatic results in either direction. Learn how to best invest your time and dollars with insights on: 


  • The costs of building talent + tips to keep your people 
  • The direct and indirect costs of buying talent 
  • Building vs. buying – A real-life financial example 
  • Benefits of building a talent pipeline (and how to do it well)