Diversity in Retail Automotive

How to attract and retain top female talent at your dealership. 

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Create an inclusive culture to recruit and retain top female talent

Women have been and will continue to be integral contributors to workforce and leadership teams in many industries. But why is it so challenging to attract and retain top female talent in retail automotive? Three industry experts discuss the current situation and what dealers can do to evolve their businesses in the direction of diversity and success.

During this session with industry experts, we answer these important questions:

  • What’s at stake for dealers and what could a lack of female talent mean for our industry?
  • What can dealers start doing today to recruit female top performers?
  • Why is the turnover rate for women in our industry so high?
  • How can dealers improve retention rates and encourage women to advance their careers at their stores?
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Featured Speakers

Jackie Dube

SVP Talent Optimization, Predictive Index

Barbara Exposito

HR Director, Warren Henry Automotive Group

Kevin Hull

Dealer Talent Services Manager, JM&A Group

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