F&I Products Designed for Electric Vehicles

A suite of new products exclusive to electric vehicles. Offer protection suited to your EV buyers' needs.

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EV+ Protect™

Offering the Best Protection for EVs

Electric vehicle adoption is increasing and will continue to accelerate into the future. Building upon our years of providing trusted EV products, JM&A Group has created EV+ Protect, a branded suite of electric vehicle protection products designed to serve the needs of consumers and dealers that you can start offering today.

Peace of Mind Made Simple with Reliable Protection Products

By offering the comprehensive protection that comes with an F&I product, you can make the path to EV ownership a reality for your customers. Help build consumer confidence in a new segment by offering the reassurance a reliable F&I product can provide, built just for EV buyers.

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EV+ Protect™ is Designed to Grow with the EV Market

As EV adoption continues to grow among consumers, JM&A is committed to long-term investment and innovation in EV+ Protect™ products and services.

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Maximize Profit Opportunities on EVs

EV+ Protect will help dealers earn more per deal by providing a proven mix of EV products for customers across various manufacturers and EV models. Our thoughtfully designed and branded EV F&I products help protect your customers’ investments and also improve retention by bringing them back to your dealership for service, maintenance and more.

EV Vehicles comparison with ICE Vehicles


Dealers earn 10% more on F&I product sales with EVs than on ICE vehicles.

*Source: JM&A Group Dealer Performance: 2022 YTD F&I PVR 


Limited Warranty Coverage for Used EVs

Dealers can offer peace of mind by including Limited Warranty Protection with pre-owned EV sales. As EVs enter the used car market, the warranty will provide protection once the original factory warranty has expired.

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The Most Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Limited Warranty*
checkmark The EV+ Protect™ limited warranty covers the vehicle, battery AND battery systems. Other providers offer vehicle, battery and battery system warranties as separate products.
checkmark 1-year/12,000-mile limited warranty protection for used EVs
checkmark Coverage includes roadside assistance, alternate transportation and lodging
Limited Warranty Coverage for Used EVs

A Full Suite of EV Protection Products

EV+ Protect offers the same key products you'd offer any customer, designed especially for EVs. Electric vehicles are an exciting, but still new, addition to the market. Help customers alleviate concerns of unforeseen repairs or updates to technology, battery systems and more with protection specific to their vehicle’s design.

Woman interacting with her EVs console Vehicle Service Contract

Vehicle Service Contract

Provide your customers with options offering extensive protection beyond the manufacturer's warranty.

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Pre-owned EV Limited Warranty

Dealers can offer peace of mind to customers with limited warranty protection on pre-owned EV sales.
Service technicians diagnosing a vehicle Prepaid Maintenance

Prepaid Maintenance

Maintenance services keep vehicles in peak condition and keep customers returning to your dealership. 
Happy family enjoying the road in their vehicle GAP

Total Loss Protection (GAP)

Protect your customer's investment and provide critical reassurance in the event of a total loss.
Close up shot of a technician reinstalling a tire Road Hazard Tire

Road Hazard Tire

Keep your customers moving with protection for tire or wheel damage caused by certain road hazards. 
Close up shot of a shiny red vehicle Dent Protection

Dent Protection

Provides coverage for unlimited removal of certain dents and creases from the covered vehicle.
Close up shot of a vehicles windshield Windshield Protection

Windshield Protection

Provide your customers with windshield glass protection from damage caused by certain road hazards.
Car parked by itself in a public garage Theft Deterrent

Theft Deterrent

A permanent, unique ID on each vehicle helps prevent theft and makes your customer’s car less vulnerable.
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Making a Claim is Easy

Making a claim should be a quick and seamless process. Our experienced customer service team provides best-in-class support either via phone or virtually through JM&A's Inspect Now™ process. Plus, customers can select from a network of more than 6,000 authorized service centers or any licensed repair facility in the U.S. to ensure their electric vehicle is in peak condition and ready to hit the road again.

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EV Protection Products

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*Based upon industry review of major providers as of 10/20/2022