How Do Modern Consumers Want to Buy?

How Virtual F&I is changing the automotive retail landscape, and what you can do to get ahead.

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How top dealerships sell F&I online

An indisputable evolution has happened in our industry. Digital has changed the way we buy, and video is the #1 way people are consuming content. Customers prefer to interact virtually, and the car buying process is no exception. Learn more about Virtual F&I in this on-demand webinar.

During this session with our Virtual F&I pros you will:

  • Watch a live demo of Virtual F&I in action and learn the keys to close a deal
  • See how Virtual F&I enables a valuable, transparent and frictionless customer experience (and how to get started)
  • Find opportunities to modernize your dealership sales model through customized, interactive F&I transactions
Virtual F&I
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Featured Speakers

Jonathan Jordan

Manager of Sales Strategy
JM&A Group

Mark Geletka

Virtual F&I Supervisor
JM&A Group

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