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Social Media and Ad Spend Tips

In this video, Danny Vendrell of the JM&A Marketing Team discusses a few tips and best practices on how to utilize social media for your dealership. From responding to customer objections to messaging advice, we think you will get some great takeaways you can apply immediately. He also talks about why now is a great time to consider increasing your digital ad efforts and why it is such a timely strategy.

Tip #1 - Think about your messaging and how you can combat future customer objections 

You can provide the answers and mitigate any confusion when you post on social media. Is there a point of friction in your process? Well, you can alleviate and clarify that specific pain point for your customers by addressing it on your social media platform of choice before they even walk into your showroom. For example, maybe you can help them understand your store’s cleaning procedures during COVID-19. 

Almost every customer conducts some kind of research before purchasing so meet them there. Think of it as a proactive approach when using social media to communicate with your audience.


Tip #2 - Think about your ad spending. Double down into more digital ad space

While traditional advertising and marketing are still effective, keep in mind the opportunities you have in the digital realm. Set aside some of your budget for social media ads, your website, google ads, etc. You can specifically target certain audiences and leaders making your dollars more effective than ever. 

People are stuck at home right now and they are conducting research online. Moving forward with a digital strategy for your ads can help you meet them where they are. People who are researching now can very well be the same people that buy from you months from now. 



To sum it up, think about leveraging social media and your message and explore the advantages of increasing your digital ad spend and presence.

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